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Friday, September 21, 2012

IBM Optimized Power Systems Tour 2012

The Optimized Systems Tour 2012: An Executive Event Sponsored by IBM and InformationWeek On Tuesday, September 11, 2012, the Westin Yorktown Center in Lombard hosted The Optimized Systems Tour 2012, an Executive Event Sponsored by IBM and Information Week for Information Technology decision-makers and technical managers who work with Oracle and Hewlett-Packard hardware and software solutions, in order to provide state-of-the-art options offered by IBM Power Systems hardware and software for faster performance, reliable service, and efficient business operations. The fourth generation of IBM Power Systems and software has the leading advantage for economic development, growth, and integration of the IT infrastructure, virtualization, and mission data containing critical operational workloads. InformationWeek Event Moderator Erik Sherman introduced Data Center problems which need smart solutions from information technology, innovation, consolidation, integration, virtualization, deployment, and mobility. The Keynote Speaker Terry Keene, graduate from Georgia Tech University, is the President and CEO of Integrated Systems from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, presented the IBM Power Advantage in his State of the Data Center Address discussing how “Power is Performance Redefined”, based upon pragmatic and functional terms of service consolidation for integrated solutions with proven high performance, utilization of IBM Power Systems for lower costs of operation, economy of scale, flexibility, virtualization, and reliability. Dr. John Shedlestsky, VP Competitive Technology Software Solution Division supported how “Virtualization on Power Delivers Superior Economies of Scale” by “Building Workload Optimized Solutions with IBM Power Systems.” Time and Motion Research Studies compared the labor required to manage web facing image models by employees working on real time schedules—e.g. a physical server took 32 hours to upload web images. Asset Management includes labor costs for employee performance compared to reduction of labor by faster IBM Optimized Power Systems. Public Cloud Computing vs. IBM Private Cloud Systems solutions. IBM IT Randy Rose presented Live Demos from his laptop on “Building a Social Cloud Infrastructure with IBM Power Systems” and displayed “IBM Migration Factory Tools and Resources”. IBM Optimized Power Systems run faster and deliver competitive performance output and gains. Live Demos displayed deployment of mission critical data workloads from IBM DB2 Power Optimized VM to Oracle DB VM2. The Optimized Systems Tour 2012 sponsored by IBM and InformationWeek discussed: • How to make mission data critical workloads moved faster • Deployment of private cloud solutions faster and easier • Stack-to-stack solution comparisons (IBM vs. Oracle vs. HP) • How IBM’s Migration Factory Tools and Resources facilitate Migration for 320 competitive systems in Q2 2012 alone to Power Systems with minimal service disruptions. Source: IBM, InformationWeek, Integrated Systems

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