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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

"Top 10 Telecom Forecasts for 2010"

"Top 10 Telecom Forecasts for 2010"
January 12, 2010

Top 10 Telecom Forecasts for 2010

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Information Gatekeepers Inc. (IGI) has just announced the availability of its forecasts for 2010. Every year, Clif Holliday, author of IGI’s Lightwave report series, prepares his view of the most significant events likely to underpin telecommunications for the coming year. While Clif likes to take a somewhat lighthearted approach to this forecast (its title is “Holliday’s Holiday Horoscope,”) his accuracy has been exceptional! He is one of the few New Year’s prognosticators who always precedes his new forecast with a review of the accuracy of last year’s forecast. This gives the reader a sense of how much creditability to put in the forecasts for the coming year.
We are also offering you a similar opportunity to comment on the upcoming 2010 forecasts. Click here to download the Top 10 Telecom Forecasts for 2010 now.
“This year we have some very significant forecasts that could signal the change in many fundamental aspects of our telecommunications business, particularly in regards to Overbuild by major RBOCs. There are important implications in these forecasts to the traditional telephony carriers, the cable TV companies and the equipment manufacturers. We think there is something of significance in them for everybody concerned with telecommunications,” declared Dr. Paul Polishuk, President of IGI.
Mr. Holliday’s highly anticipated forecast is currently available on IGI’s website, in addition to various new Lightwave reports, newsletters, and conferences. The latest being the “Next Generation Carrier’s Network” and the Transformation Series and our comprehensive series of Advanced Access Architecture Reports including Cost, Equipment, Overbuild Strategies, and Bandwidth Requirements, and our just announced series of ROADM reports including “ROADMs from the Core to the Edge” and “Edge R-OADM Revolution.”
IGI is certain that its clients and readers will find these forecasts both fun and of tremendous value. Clif’s accuracy the last few years has been well above 75% in these efforts, so they may be more than just a pleasant diversion, but rather a powerful set of forecasts for 2010.

For more information regarding these forecasts please visit IGI's website or contact IGI below.

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