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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Future Cities

Future Cities
Smart buildings are becoming interconnected to create systems of energy-efficient, well managed, and well maintained facilities and services. Linking buildings to a smart grid for energy management may be the starting place that quickly expands to include smart transportation systems, waste management, logistics systems, emergency services, and other vital organs of the urban environment. The cloud services that enable this model allow management and analytics to create a smart city, one capable of meeting the needs of its residents better than ever before, in a way that sustains resources and optimizes costs.

In this Webinar, speakers from the industry and from IBM will explain how smart buildings become smart cities. Attendees will learn the basic characteristics and functions of smart buildings; how these facilities are interconnected; what kinds of urban systems can be included in such a network; and how the cloud model can create a smart, sustainable, and self-regulating city from the foundation of smart buildings.

This Webinar will feature an all-star lineup of expert speakers:
  • Jim Sinopoli, Principal, Smart Buildings LLC
  • John D'Angelo, VP Engineering and Facilities Operations, New York-Presbyterian Hospital
  • Joe Phillips, Director, Smarter Buildings/Smarter Cities, IBM Global Business Services

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