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Monday, June 23, 2014

Lync's Tales from the Trenches for the Enteprise CONNECT Lync Tour 2014 Chicago

Enterprise CONNECT Lync Tour 2014 is on the road again to New York City on Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Microsoft’s Lync:  Making the Choice , Making it Work is still collecting Tales from the Trenches nationwide, from the West Coast to the East Coast to share experts and end user stories and advice which will facilitate understanding the influence and application for enterprise decision-makers of the enterprise CONNECT Lync Tour and its real-world impact and challenges associated with deploying Lync.

According to Fred Knight, the General Manager for UBM Tech, “Lync is more than a technology.  It is a cultural change in the way people communicate with others via Microsoft’s Lync.”
                        Fred Knight at the Enterprise Connect Lync Tour 2014 Renaissance Chicago

                                  Kevin Kieller, enableUC, Presents Tales from the Trenches Panel

Kevin Kieller, enableUC is a Canadian software developer who brings his own pragmatism to the enterprise CONNECT Lync Tour 2014 and leads the Tales from the Trenches Panel discussion.

The Tales from the Trenches Panel also addresses the biggest, most paralyzing mistakes users make with Lync.  For instance, the Lync video streaming is a two-way channel which can remain idle on a blank screen, until it is initiated by the end-user.   One of the Lync clients forgot that the previous group video had left Lync ON during a conversation in his office.  When the Lync video screen became activated by another end-user who commented that he had watched the first client’s exchange conversation in response to their previous Lynch video meetings.   Lync can also double as an office two-way Video/Voice communications which evolves into a highly sophisticated surveillance monitoring system for remote and virtual end-users.

Lync multi-tasks as an ubiquitous Voice and Multimedia Communications Business Tool.   There is a rising need for training users to interface with enterprise CONNECT Lync Video/Voice Conference.

Depending on the enterprise CONNECT Lync Tour stop, the Tales from the Trenches Panel session will include a mix of local end-users and other experts who can share their experiences and offer real-world advice with your Lync 2013 decisions and actions for Microsoft upgrades.  Skype users must sign into Skype using a Microsoft ID and have the latest Skype client software.  V2 of the Lync-Skype integration (Beta is for the Summer or Fall 2014).  Look for Video Interoperability with improved security signaling and media streaming, as well as improved audio (wide-band audio with Silk).

The new Lync 2013 features include Lync Web Apps, Lync Mobile, and a Better Video Experience.

It is not too late to join the enterprise CONNECT  Lync Tour set for New York City on Tuesday, June 24, 2014. 

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